Why hand sewn Drapery is still the best?

It started 15 years ago when we bought a cottage in Devon and needed some new curtains and blinds at the end of a lengthy renovation. No matter what I looked at it still had that mass produced hard manufactured appearance, so I decided to teach myself proper drapery.

Now sewing machines are great - I use them all the time. All the detail work, fitting work and real tailoring needs to done by hand - this is why they can look so good!

This is how it is with real curtains and blinds - we use a machine to join together widths of fabric, the rest is done by hand. The one thing that a machine cannot do is ‘feel’ the fabric; all fabrics require gentle handling. After all, the success of any job is measured by how well the fabric works, folds or falls.

Hand sewing allows the layered fabrics (lining and interlining) to hang, move and breathe together. You cannot make heavy interlined treatments on a machine - it simply will not work.